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Friday, May 28, 2010

She makes something out of nothing

I'm finally starting this blog for real.

It's not going to have a theme, or any sort of method.
Unfortunately, there is not method to my madness.
But it's always a fun trip.

I'm still learning a lot about myself and I figure I'll continue to do so as I go on this adventure we call life and blog about it.
At least I know a few things.

No matter what's wrong, the sound of my brothers laughter make me feel better.
Dogs are secretly sock-snatching ninja's
and life without a pen and paper, is no life at all.

You can call me Mouse, that's what everybody else calls me.
I'm Nineteen years old,
I just started back into high school
and I'm probably a bit too strange for societies good.

But I'm here and I'm living my life.
Making mistakes all the way along and learning new things as I go.

This is my life
and you're all invited.


"One must be passionate,
not merely exist"
-Kirsten Lobe

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